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Umbilical Training


Umbilical training is a wonderful potty training tool. It's a method that involves a leash (typically 6 feet in len gth) be tied around the owners waist and the latch of the leash being clipped to the puppies collar. The leash should have some slack to it when the puppy is laying on the floor but not be too long that the dog is more then 4 feet away from you.
The idea behind umbilical training works with the theory that a dog will not potty next to their owner out of respect for their space. This training also helps you build a bond with your puppy and helps aid in awarness on your dogs body cues of when she/he needs to go potty. This is a great tool in combination with crate training as it teaches your puppy boundaries. Giving a puppy too much freedom isn't fair as they haven't learned the rules of the house. Typically a puppy who doesn't have rules will get into trouble or potty as they feel the need to without guidance.
When doing this training you should include movement (doing laundry, tidying the house etc..). By using movement you are getting your puppy used to the feeling of his leash and collar while giveing them stimulation and exercise. You can also incorparate being stationary such as working ont he computer or watching tv. Puppies tend to get comfortable when stationed for long periods so it's important to introduce a nudge to encourage them to get up when you are ready to move. Remember: after rest, eating and drinking are three of the most common times your puppy will need to "go". 
  • Everyone in the household should take turns.  This will encourage everyone to be on the same page with dog training
  • The puppy should also have time not attached to his leash, to learn confinement (crate training is a valuable tool for confinement), independence (outdoor/indoor supervised activities are a wonderful tool) and give him a rest as well.  Remember to keep balance in training
  • Most puppies take weeks to months to house break.  Try not to get angry or frustrated during this time.  Remember they are babies, and in addition to growing up, adjusting to new people and places we are also asking them to learn rules about our homes which goes against their natural instincts.  Be patient.
  • Umbilical cord training is a great tool for future use when running, biking or when preform any hands free activity with your toller when a leash is necessary.