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About our program

Our "foster to adoption" dogs are available for a reduced purchase price and are available for adoption (full ownership) by their families following completion of the breeding section in our written agreement. The contract for our foster program includes two litters for a female. The completion of the breeding section in the contract is the purchase price of the dog. Therefor,  during the time the dog is in foster care the dog is not to be spayed as the dog is owned by Tollchester and Tollchester agrees to take on the cost of breeding clearances as outlined in their written agreement. For these litters the dog will remain at tollchester kennels for the breeding (approx. 1-2 weeks) and whelping/birthing (approx. 8-10 weeks) of the litters. Following the completion of the breeding section of the agreement and upon adoption the dog must be spayed.

At Tollchester this program has given us access to pedigrees we wouldn't have without our wonderful extended family. We are grateful for this program as it helps diversify the "toller" and it keeps our magnificent dogs in loving family homes. These dogs are not homeless, they don't require rescue, we are only looking for a loving home for them that benefits both the foster owner and the breeder of the dog. At Tollchester we are looking for people that want to become part of our extended family by taking in and adoring one of our gorgeous dogs. If you want to be come part of team Tollchester and nuture one of our  breeding dogs please apply online at