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What Will I Need For My New Puppy?



To help your puppy become comfortable in their new environment Tollchester recommends the following products...

Puppy Needs

  • Plastic and/or wire crate - I prefer a plastic intermediate (23" tall) pet porter crate for car travel; the plastic crate limits the amount of dirt and water that gets into the vehicle after a trip to the lake! For home use I prefer a 27" height wire crate with a divider ; the divider is a useful tool when your puppy is growing up because the crate can adjust to the size of your puppy
  • washable blankets or crate pads; walmart sells very affordable fleece blankets in the bedding section which make wonderful blankets for in the crate.
  • Dog beds with a washable cover; costco has some wonderful dog pillows available at affordable prices
  • litter box and pine shavings
  • martingale collar and 6 foot leash (flexi leashes are not recommended)
  • water and food dishes (more than 1 food dish is a good idea) ; I prefer metal dishes vs plastic/rubber - walmart and petsmart carry good metal bowls
  • bells to hang on the doorknob for potty training ; I would recommend finding these at your local walmart or craft store
  • nametag with your dog's name, your cell phone number with area code (or best number to reach you) and address
  • towels for dirty feet; I prefer the microfleece towels you can find in the car area of a department store or costco
  • good quality chews (AVOID rawhide, tennis balls and cooked bones) Look for pigs ears, bullysticks, beef tenderloin and hoofs
  • Toys!  Products made by Kong, JW Pet, Knobbly Wobbly, Plush or latex toys with no small parts, plastic eyes, or inner robotics. Squeakers ok.
  • baby gates
  • 3-4ft Exercise (X) pen
  • good quality dog shampoo; I prefer an oatmeal or baby shampoo
  • nail clippers and styptic powder
  • slicker brush & metal comb & Pin brush & small pair of scissors (to trim feet and ears)
  • good quality dog treats ; My treat of preference is Zukes