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How To Choose A Registered Name

Canadian Kennel Club Registered names are limited to 30 letters including spaces.

The first word of your toller will be the "kennel name" from whom you are getting your puppy from. For example Topper's registered name is Tollchester's Top Secret, Tollchester is the kennel that bred his mommy and daddy so typically that name will be seen at the front of your dogs registered name.

Some breeders choose themes for their litters so another word in the registered name of your toller may need to follow this theme; some breeders are flexible on where this word is placed while others will want it to be the second word. Have your breeder specify which they prefer before submitting your registered name. For example themes at tollchester can be placed anywere in the word so Topper's registered name is Tollchester's Top Secret while his brother Boomer's name is Tollchester's Spinning Top, both puppies are from the "Top" litter.

Ocassionally when two breeders work together you will find two kennel names within a reg'd name. If the litter also follows a theme typically your breeder names the puppy for you or limits your choices due to the number of spaces left to work with. For example Amore's reg'd name is Javahill's Heart O'Tollchester , both Javahill and Tollchester are listed on the dog as "kennel names" and she is from the Heart litter.

Well that pretty much sums up How To Choose Your Tollers Reg'd Name. Have fun naming your puppy and remember be creative!

  • call names DO NOT have to be part of the reg'd name. As noted about Boomer, Topper and Amore all don't have their names in their reg'd name. However, "Pepper" does as she is Tollchester's Dr Pepper! So the choice is up to you.
  • Don't go behond 30 letters including spaces when registering with the CKC. (Tollchester's Top Secret is 24 spaces long)

How To Choose A Call Name

When you get your puppy your puppy may already have a name given to them by their breeder; some breeders may use a color or number instead of a name. A majority of breeders are okay with you changing your pups name. Puppys are extremely smart and adjust to a name change quickly. So the choice is yours!

When you bring your bundle of joy home and decide on a name make sure you reinforce the new name by treating the puppy everytime you say their name. This will help them pick up their new name faster and respond better to it.

5 Tips on Naming Your Dog

  1. Choose a name that will be easy for your dog to learn. A two-syllable name usually works best. Get your dog used to hearing his name often. It should be spoken in a gentle and happy manner. There is no sound more pleasant for a dog than the sound of his own name.
  2. Don't give your dog a name that sounds like a command. Avoid names like "Joe" (No), "Jay" (Stay), or "Fletch" (Fetch).
  3. Your dog deserves a respectful name. The attitude you and others develop toward your dog can be affected by the name you give it. Avoid derogatory names like Bozo and Doofus. Steer clear of names that have negative connotations like Diablo, Lucifer, Satan, and Cujo.
  4. Your dog's name should not sound like any other name within the family, a close friend or neighbor.  
  5. If your dog is going to be around kids or the elderly, avoid upsetting names like Nightmare, Killer, or Monster.
  6. Avoid common names like Buddy, Max, Bailey, Jack, Sam, Rocky, Buster, Casey, Cody, Duke, Charley, Jake, Rusty, Toby, Digby, Cooper, Copper, Maggie, Molly, Ladie, Sadie, Lucy, Sadie, Ginger, Abby, Annie, and Missy