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Top 10 Reasons to get a Toller

10. Low Maintenance Red Coat

 The perfect dog for red-head enthusiasts! Their natural drip-dry coat, is low maintenance. Rinse them off and they are ready to go.

9. Easily Motivated

Food, toys, anything that moves can be used to engage the Toller. Many are eager to please. All are goal oriented.

8. Watchdog

Keen watch-dog abilities - their bark may be more than enough to scare away a burglar. Then thankfully, they are not barky at other times.

7. Communicators
Tollers will let you know what they want. There is no ambiguity. They have the ability to communicate in many ways with us humans - with their eyes, vocalizations, and body language.

6. Natural hunter 

Tollers were bred to hunt and most are born with a good nose and the instinct to find and retrieve birds. Some Tollers also have the instinct to toll naturally - dance on the shore like a fox and lure in waterfowl. Once trained, the Toller can be a great asset to your hunting party.

5. Sporting Companion

Tollers love to work with people that love to work with them. They will be your best friend in the field, agility ring, obedience ring, etc.

4. Joie de Vivre

World's best mood-lifter! Tollers are exploding with life and enthusiasm. If you have a Toller to toss a toy at you, and then do a flying pounce and come bouncing back for another toss, you just have to share their joy.

3. Health

Tollers are generally healthy dogs. There are tests that can be done for the known health problems. Because the community is so small, most Toller breeders work hard with each other to breed healthy puppies.

2. Versatile

The Toller is happy to be wherever their people are - whether that is in the conformation ring, hunting, watching a movie, etc. They are able to go from couch potato to bounding retriever in mere seconds. They like new experiences and are easy to take traveling.

1. Highly Intelligent

Tollers learn wicked fast and they remember things that are important to them. They will never cease to amaze you. When your Toller looks into your eyes, you can see their intelligence and you know they love you (or maybe they are hungry, or want outside, or you’ve hidden the ball again.......). There is never a dull moment with a Toller.