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How to Potty Train Your Puppy

At Tollchester we start potty training your puppy at 3 weeks of age. By 8 weeks of age many of our puppys are already fully litter box trainned. Litter box training provides an easy transition to outdoor potty training.

We recommend puppy families purchase a large litter box and place pin shavings into the box. Put it in an area the is within reach of the puppy; preferably somewere you can see the puppy going to the box. When the puppy approaches the box it's best to try and pick them up before they go into the box and carry them outside. By doing this you are substituting the outdoors for the litter box and eventually you won't need the box in your home.

Remember puppies under 9 weeks have very small bladders and need to pee anywere from 8-12 times a day! Some trainers will recommend to monitor water, food and sleep inorder to adjust to your puppys potty schedule. It's very common for puppies to pee within 10 min of drinking water, poo within 20 min of eating, and within 2 min of waking up. If you watch your puppy during these times and provide them with outdoor activities following these three times this will help you minimize the amount of "accidents" your puppy may have.

When potty training it's best to keep your puppy in a smaller area within your home and close to you. You want to get to know your puppies cues on when they need to potty so you can avoid "accidents". Umbilical and Crate training are great tools along with litter box training to help you potty train your puppy.

There is a wonderful article about potty training puppies at