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"When should I spay/neuter my puppy?"


We strongly believe, breeding should be left to the fanciers who are dedicated to improving their breed. We are advocates about "spaying and neutering your pet" and believe puppies should be spayed prior to 3 years of age who are not used in a registered breeding program.

Some people believe in "early spaying an neutering" and there are a few programs that will neuter/spay puppies as young as 6weeks of age. for more information on altering a puppy while they are immature.

Most people know 6 months "is" the age to spay and neuter. The idea behind this is to "control pet population" which is a great idea! Many vets premote this practice as it's the "industry standard". However, there is newer research being preformed by the American Vet Association showing this practice isn't in the best interest for family companions.  The average pet owner that purchases from a breeder is a responsible pet owner who has access to controlling their pet and limiting their chances of impregnation. If you are a responsible owner who can keep your dog from breeding then I would recommend considering "late spaying or neutering" which is after your puppy reaches sexual maturity.

Late altering is the "best" for your pet because it's sex hormones are needed to grow bones. Without those hormones your puppies bones may be fragile which increases the risks for bone cancers and hip/elbow dysplasia. Additionally when you remove the sex hormones (testicles or ovaries) from your pet before they are mature you also put more pressure on your dogs adrenal gland. The adrenal gland produces a small amount of hormones, by increasing it's "job" you can create adrenal gland insufficiences like addisons or cushings. Keep in mind 'early neutering and spaying' in many sports enthusists opinion is alteration before full sexual maturaty (average is 12-18 months in tollers).  For information regarding the pros and cons of neutering after sexual maturity check out

Spaying and Neutering can be a sensitive topics for some people and each owner is encouraged to do what they feel is best for their family and dog. Research your options, discuss your choices with your breeder and evaluate the puppy whom the decision is being made for to make the choice that is right for you. I personally suggest waiting until your puppy is 18 months. A few good articles outlining the reasons for "rethinking spaying or neutering" is and


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