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 We encourage anyone interested in becoming a potential home for one of our lovely dogs to fill out our online questionnaire at The questionnaire helps us determine which temperament puppy would be best for your home. This helps us place the perfect puppy in your home as your lifetime family companion.

Following the submission of your questionnaire please contact us by email at to set up an interview to meet us and our wonderful dogs.

We look forward to meeting you and updating you on our upcoming litter

**All parents have been health tested and pups come with health guarantees**

Puppies are available to approved homes only by reservation. Puppies are available to new homes as early as 8 weeks of age.  

Puppy price includes:

Puppy Socialization - puppys are socialized with adults, children, dogs and cats

Started On The Perfect Potty Training System - puppies are introduced to pee pad training and litter box training.

Early Obedience Training - puppies are introduced to basic commands (ex. Sit)

Basic Kinetics - puppies are introduced to obsticles (ex. stairs) and different terrain (grass, carpet ect..)

Introduction To Crate Training - puppies have basic introduction to travel kennels - puppies who will be flying to their new home will have additional crate training prior to their departure.

Introduction To Clicker Training - puppies have basic introduction to obedience and clicker training methods.

Weaning Onto A Hollistic Diet - puppies are introduced to a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and high quality dog food (kibble).

CKC Registration papers - which will be delivered to the new owner asap

Vaccinations - 6 and 8 week parvo vaccine - we also can provide 12 and 16 week single dose vaccines to our homes (for an additional cost)

Microchip - we believe in microchip vs tattoo because tattooes fade with age and can become un-readable

Vet check - each puppy will be individually examined by a vet prior to going to their new home

Temperament Testing - each puppy is evaluated and placed in homes that suit their needs

Conformation Evaluations - each puppy is viewed for structure to ensure each puppy going to companion/working/show/preformance homes has the structure required to preform their required function.

Puppy Litter Collar - each litter has a personalized color collar

4ft Walking Leash - Tollchester sends each puppy home with a leash that is suitable for almost any sport

Sented Soft Toy - each puppy will go home with a toy that has the scent of their brothers/sisters and mommy on it

Chew Toy - each puppy is sent home with a chew toy Tollchester recommends

Metal Water/Food Bowl - your puppy is sent home with a water/food dish he/she has started individual feeding training with

6 weeks of free health insurance - supplied by pet secure

Written Contract with 3+ years of "the best" health guarantees plus rebates!

A lifetime of guidance from breeders with a combined 30+ experience raising, training and competing with dogs. 


If you are looking for a toller for a reduced cost please check out our "foster to adoption" dog program.

Contact us at for more information