MBPISS MBPIG CAN AM GCH Tollchester's Top Secret CAN/AM RN CGC CGN "Topper"

*Topper lives in Rosedale, British Columbia, Canada*

January 7, 2006
  • HIPS OVC Normal 9/07
  • HIPS OFA DTR-1930G102M-VPI GOOD 7/30/14
  • ELBOW OVC Normal 9/07
  • ELBOW OFA DTR-EL750M102-VPI NORMAL 7/30/14
  • THYROID Normal
  • CERF tested 2/23/13
  • CEA/CH Optigen Carrier
  • PRA Optigen Carrier (B)
  • JADD Probable Clear (N/N) by parentage
  • Multiple Best Puppy In Specialty Shows (MBPISS)
  • Multiple Best Puppy In Groups (MBPIG)
  • Canadian Champion (CAN CH)
  • American Champion (AM CH)
  • #3 NSDTR in Canada in 2008
  • #2 NSDTR in Canada in 2009
  • #3 NSDTR in Canada in 2010
  • EUKANUBA Award of Excellence 2008 (AOE)
  • EUKANUBA Best Bred By Exhibitor 2008
  • US NATIONAL SPECIALTY Judges Award Of Merit 2009 (AOM)
  • CRUFTS Reserve Winners Dog 2010
  • CND REGIONAL SPECIALTY Best Opposite Sex 2010
  • US NATIONAL Specialty Select Male 2010 (SEL)
  • AKC Rally Novice Title in November 2012
  • Grand Championship in the USA November 2012
  • CGN Title January 2014
  • CKC Rally Novice Title in January 2014
 "Topper" is a gorgeous boy from our Maverick and Storm litter born January 7/06. He is a lovely compact boy with 4 white feet, partial chest, facial blaze and a small white tip. Topper is co-owned with Connie Redmond in Mercer Island WA.

Topper isn't just another pretty face he is also a very dedicated family man with 'special powers'. This handsome boy is an emotionally connected canine who naturally can detect seizure activity in people. Topper has proven his abilities by acting as a service dog for his family member. Topper is a dedicated family member who has a wonderful off switch which makes him a great couch potatoe as well as an amazing show/sports dog. He is very sweet, cuddly, smart, affectionate dog who would do anything for those he loves. He truely is one in a million!

Topper made his conformation debut in White Rock, BC at the Sporting Dog Spectacular. His first time in the ring he recieved Winners Dog for a 3point major and went on to win Best Puppy In Specialty Show at the regional specialty!!!! The follwing day (his second time ever in the ring!) he recieved WD and was cut for breed (it came down between him and the breed winner!) recieving BOW for a 5point major! Topper went on to compete for show where he recieved Best Puppy In Specialty Show at the Sporting Dog Show!!! WAY TO GO! His second weekend in the ring at the Castlegar show he picked up a 2point BOW/BOS and a Best Puppy In Group! finishing his Championship un-defeted in his class at just over 7months of age!!
Topper was specialed as a puppy! Topper went on to recieve 3 Best Puppy in Groups at the Oceanside Kennel Club Show! He then made a trip to AB in November for a couple days of showing where he picked up BOB/BP at the Red Deer Kennel Club Show!!
Topper makes his AKC debut winning the 2006 National Toller Specialty Puppy Sweepstakes from the 6-9month puppy class! Topper then took a vaccation in October with his big brother Ziggy to visit his daddy in Pleasanton CA where he picked up RWD at the AKC show! His next visit to the AKC conformation rings was at the San Mateo show in Norcal where he picked up a 3point WD and a 5point BOW! The following show was Portland Oregon Rose City Classic show at the begining January 2007 where Topper finished his CH at just over a year of age with a 5point and a 4point major!!!
Topper was shown very lightly in Canada for 2008. Topper received 4 Group 4th's in 2008 making him number 3 toller in Canada! His first Group 4th was at the Rennaissance Dog Show on April 11, 2008! His second was at the Fort Saint John KC show on May 19, 2008! His third was at the Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers show on October 11,2008 following his toller booster BOB win! His final Group 4th for the year was at the Elsie Murray Kennel Club show on November 23, 2008. He also competed at the Eukanuba invitational show in December 2008 where the top 25 dogs of the country compete. He made us proud by picking up Best Bred By Exhibitor and a Award of Excellence!
Topper was specialed for 2009 in Canada where he recieved 3 Group 1st, 4 Group 2nds, 6 Group 3rds and 5 Group 4ths making him #2 TOLLER as of 11/24/09. Topper attended the TEXAS TOLLER NATIONAL in October 2009 where he picked up the FIRST AWARD OF MERRITT! Aside from the specialty he was shown one weekend in the USA in 2009 where he picked up a Group 2nd in Monroe WA under judge Lester Mapes.
Topper was shown in 2010 where he picked up Reserve Winners Dog at CRUFTS in ENGLAND, a number of placements in Canada making him #3 Duck Toller in Canada.
Topper was specialed in 2012 where he finished the year as #2 Toller in Canada!